From this spring I think that there are many families where children will be admitted to nursery schools and kindergartens.

My son is entering the second year of admission this spring.

By the time last year I knew that I got accepted to a nursery school and I felt very relieved and could kids get used to it. Can you do something with Mama friends? I was chased by the entrance preparation with a little complicated feeling.
I think that there are rules depending on the garden, so I think that it is best to start preparing after going to the briefing session for the entrance examination but I think that it is good to refer to what I prepared even a little ☺

Because I chose a very simple thing because I do not want to get rid of character things so ♪

I ironed the patch I bought for 100 cans to the canvas tote I bought at GU.
■ Production time: only time to warm the iron
■ Cost: About 2,000 yen

Since bags containing cutlery at the time of lunch, towel apron, cup and so on are also quite plain and something simple is not found, a lot of bandana has been accumulated at home so I made it handmade.
If it is a small lunch box for children it is the size to enter.
Since only I bought a string by 100, people who do not have Bandana are also selling 100 cute and so many pretty colors, so please choose.
■ Production time: 15 minutes
■ Cost: 100 yen (For those who also buy bandana, 200 yen)

作り方は↓How to make ↓

It is a towel apron to use for lunch.
Because there was no production time (I can not make a lie) Purchase with Mercari (haha)
I do not know the production time and cost, I’m sorry.
However, since I bought 6 sets for 1800 yen, it costs 300 yen per one! !
It is very economical even if only material cost is considered. Moreover, it is cute and has high quality.
If you wish, we will inform you of who purchased the work so please contact us.

In the garden it is required that you give your name to everything even if it is fine anything.
I think that clothing should be made of clothing as much as possible considering the texture of the child, but name tags and name ribbons attached to lunch bags not directly touching the skin and pool bags needed for summer are snap type Made of vinyl

Such things are convenient ~
There are also a lot of snap-type cloth name ribbons sold, depending on how it is used, there are times when it is washing, but it becomes crisp shaw (Anyway, it is bad to keep on touch (laugh)) Tagged wrinkle bumps It can be done so it is troublesome … No, busy moms definitely recommend making vinyl.
If you paste a cellophane tape from the name you wrote it will also last longer without becoming thin every time you do washing like cloth ♪

If you make your name stamp, you just ponpon.
Children with a low age are still having difficulty handwriting every time because it is necessary to bring a number of diapers a day.
When I bought a diapers I first took out everything and stamped it before I got it in again.
Then just take as much as you need from the morning diaper bag and put it in your bag.
If you do make it as long as your child is asleep, it will be a daily shortening.
Since ink also uses oiliness it is convenient to stamp directly to clothes and shoes.

Although it is somewhat expensive, it is not necessary to add ink to the shachihata stamp of a further short time as “diaper pon”

If there are other convenient things etc, I am also happy if you can tell me because I have a childcare girl ♡